10 Best Places to Visit in Canberra

Canberra, Australia’s capital city, is a treasure trove of history, culture, and natural beauty. While it often takes a backseat to Sydney and Melbourne in terms of popularity, Canberra has much to offer to those who take the time to explore it. In this article, we’ll uncover the 10 best places to visit in Canberra, highlighting the city’s diverse attractions.

Exploring the Capital

Before we dive into the list of must-visit places, let’s understand why Canberra holds a special place in Australia’s heart. As the capital, it’s home to iconic national institutions and monuments, making it a significant destination for history enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.

1. Australian War Memorial

Honoring the nation’s heroes

The Australian War Memorial is a solemn tribute to those who have served the nation in times of conflict. It’s a place of remembrance and reflection, featuring an impressive collection of military artifacts, including aircraft, tanks, and artillery.

Historical significance

Visitors can explore the Roll of Honour, inscribed with the names of over 102,000 Australians who have died in service. The memorial’s poignant exhibits and moving ceremonies offer a profound glimpse into the nation’s wartime history.

2. Parliament House

Icon of Australian democracy

Parliament House is an architectural masterpiece and the heart of Australian democracy. Visitors can take guided tours to explore its impressive interior, including the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers.

Guided tours

Guides share insights into the workings of the Australian Parliament and the history of the nation’s political development. Don’t miss the chance to stand on the roof for panoramic views of Canberra.

3. National Gallery of Australia

Artistic treasures

The National Gallery of Australia is a haven for art enthusiasts, boasting an extensive collection of both Australian and international artworks. The gallery’s diverse exhibits span from classical to contemporary art.

Impressive collections

From the works of Australian masters like Sidney Nolan to international classics such as Monet’s water lilies, the gallery offers a visual feast that showcases the breadth of human creativity.

4. National Museum of Australia

Unveiling the nation’s story

The National Museum of Australia is a place where the nation’s story comes to life. Its interactive exhibits and engaging displays explore Australia’s history, culture, and identity.

Interactive exhibits

Visitors can step into the past, experiencing Indigenous heritage, colonial history, and contemporary Australian life. The museum’s innovative approach makes history accessible to all ages.

5. Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre

Hands-on science fun

Questacon is a family-friendly destination that makes science and technology fun and engaging. The interactive exhibits and hands-on experiments cater to curious minds of all ages.

Educational for all ages

Whether you’re exploring earthquake simulations or experimenting with optical illusions, Questacon offers an educational adventure that inspires a love for science.

6. National Zoo & Aquarium

Wildlife encounters

The National Zoo & Aquarium provides a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a wide range of animals from around the world. It’s a conservation-focused facility that offers memorable wildlife encounters.

Conservation efforts

Visitors can see Sumatran tigers, white lions, and red pandas, among other species. The zoo’s commitment to conservation and animal welfare adds depth to the experience.

7. Lake Burley Griffin

Urban oasis

Lake Burley Griffin is not only a scenic centerpiece of Canberra but also a hub for recreational activities. The lake’s shores are perfect for picnics, cycling, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk.

Recreational activities

You can rent paddleboats, kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards to explore the lake’s serene waters. The nearby parks and gardens offer ideal spots for relaxation.

8. Australian National Botanic Gardens

Flora and fauna

The Australian National Botanic Gardens are a haven for plant lovers. They house an extensive collection of native Australian plants, showcasing the country’s unique biodiversity.

Peaceful escape

A stroll through the gardens reveals a diverse range of flora, from delicate wildflowers to towering eucalyptus trees. It’s a peaceful escape where you can connect with nature in the heart of the city.

9. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

Natural wonders

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is a sanctuary for native wildlife and a place where the rugged Australian landscape takes center stage. It offers hiking trails, wildlife viewing, and opportunities to see iconic Australian animals.

Wildlife sanctuary

Kangaroos, koalas, and emus are among the creatures you may encounter while exploring the reserve. The visitor center provides valuable information about the park’s flora and fauna.

10. Namadgi National Park

Alpine adventures

Namadgi National Park is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, offering alpine adventures and bushwalking opportunities. Its rugged landscapes are a stark contrast to the city’s urban environment.

Bushwalking trails

Explore the park’s network of bushwalking trails that lead to waterfalls, granite outcrops, and picturesque vistas. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in Australia’s natural beauty.

Planning Your Visit

Now that you know about these fantastic places to visit in Canberra, it’s essential to plan your trip effectively. Consider the best time to visit based on your preferences and research transportation options to make the most of your Canberra adventure.


Canberra’s unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty makes it a destination worth exploring. Whether you’re interested in the nation’s heritage, art and science, or simply relaxing by the lake, Canberra offers something for every traveler. So, pack your bags, and embark on a journey to discover the best of Australia’s capital city.


  1. What’s the best time to visit Canberra for sightseeing?
    • Spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) offer pleasant weather and vibrant foliage, making them ideal for sightseeing.
  2. Are there admission fees for the listed attractions?
    • Some attractions may have admission fees, so it’s a good idea to check their respective websites for current pricing.
  3. Can I visit all these places in a single day?
    • While it’s possible to visit some in a day, exploring all of them thoroughly may require several days.
  4. Is there public transportation available to these attractions?
    • Canberra has a public bus network that serves many of these attractions, but renting a car provides more flexibility.
  5. Are these attractions suitable for families with children?
    • Yes, most of these attractions offer family-friendly experiences, including interactive exhibits and animal encounters.
  6. Do I need to book guided tours in advance?
    • It’s advisable to book guided tours, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your spot.
  7. Are there dining options available at these locations?
    • Many of these attractions have on-site cafes or restaurants, and you’ll also find dining options in Canberra’s city center.
  8. Can I take photographs at these places?
    • Yes, photography is usually allowed at most of these attractions, but it’s always best to check their policies.
  9. Are there gift shops at these attractions to purchase souvenirs?
    • Yes, many of these places have gift shops where you can buy souvenirs and mementos of your visit.
  10. Are these attractions wheelchair accessible?
    • Most of them have wheelchair-accessible facilities and accommodations, but it’s advisable to check specific accessibility information for each attraction.
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