5 Family-Friendly Places in Canberra

Canberra, Australia’s capital, is often associated with politics and history, but it also happens to be a fantastic destination for families. From interactive science centers to wildlife encounters, the city offers a variety of family-friendly attractions. In this article, we’ll explore five must-visit places in Canberra that are perfect for families.

1. Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre

Questacon is a science enthusiast’s dream and a perfect destination for families. This interactive science museum is designed to engage and educate visitors of all ages. Kids and adults alike will enjoy hands-on exhibits, intriguing experiments, and mind-boggling demonstrations. It’s a place where learning becomes an exciting adventure, making it a must-visit for families in Canberra.

2. National Zoo & Aquarium

The National Zoo & Aquarium is a paradise for animal lovers and an ideal destination for families. Here, you can get up close and personal with a diverse range of wildlife, from majestic lions to playful lemurs. The zoo also offers educational experiences, including behind-the-scenes tours and animal encounters that will leave your family with unforgettable memories.

3. Australian Institute of Sport

For sports enthusiasts, a visit to the Australian Institute of Sport is a must. This world-class facility celebrates Australia’s sporting achievements and provides an interactive experience for visitors. Explore sports history, view impressive memorabilia, and even try your hand at various sports in interactive displays. It’s a great place to inspire young athletes in the family.

4. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

The Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve is an outdoor haven that offers families the opportunity to connect with Australia’s unique wildlife and natural beauty. Kids will delight in spotting kangaroos, koalas, and other native animals in their natural habitat. The reserve also offers walking trails, picnicking areas, and educational programs, making it a perfect day out for families.

5. National Arboretum Canberra

The National Arboretum Canberra is not just a collection of trees; it’s a family-friendly destination where you can immerse yourself in nature. The stunning tree collections provide a picturesque backdrop for picnics and leisurely walks. The arboretum also hosts family-friendly events throughout the year, offering a blend of education and relaxation.


In conclusion, Canberra is more than just a political hub; it’s a city that caters to families seeking fun and educational experiences. From the hands-on science at Questacon to the wildlife adventures at the National Zoo & Aquarium, and from the sports excitement at the Australian Institute of Sport to the natural wonders of Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the National Arboretum Canberra, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy in this vibrant city. So, plan your visit, create lasting memories, and discover the family-friendly side of Canberra.

FAQs for Families Visiting Canberra

1. Are these attractions suitable for young children?

  • Yes, all of the mentioned attractions offer family-friendly activities and exhibits suitable for children.

2. Can I purchase tickets in advance for Questacon and the Australian Institute of Sport?

  • Yes, it’s advisable to check their official websites for ticket information and bookings.

3. Are there food options available at these attractions?

  • Yes, most of these places have on-site cafes or nearby dining options.

4. What’s the best time to visit Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve for wildlife sightings?

  • Early mornings and late afternoons are usually the best times to spot wildlife.

5. Can I bring my own picnic to the National Arboretum Canberra?

  • Yes, there are designated picnic areas where you can enjoy your own meals.

6. Are there guided tours available at the National Zoo & Aquarium?

  • Yes, the zoo offers guided tours for a more in-depth experience.

7. How much time should we allocate for a visit to Questacon?

  • Plan for at least a few hours to explore all the interactive exhibits.

8. Are these attractions accessible by public transportation?

  • Yes, most of them are accessible by bus or other public transportation options.

9. Is photography allowed at these attractions?

  • Photography policies vary, so it’s best to check with each attraction.

10. Are there any special events or festivals held at these attractions throughout the year? – Yes, these attractions often host special events, so it’s worth checking their websites for updates on upcoming activities.

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