5 Boutique Bed and Breakfasts in Canberra

Boutique bed and breakfasts offer travelers a charming and personalized alternative to conventional hotels. When it comes to experiencing the beauty and culture of Australia’s capital city, Canberra, there’s no shortage of exceptional boutique options. In this guide, we’ll take you through five handpicked boutique bed and breakfasts that promise an unforgettable stay. Each of these hidden gems boasts its unique character and provides guests with an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Tranquil Haven B&B

Location: Nestled in the heart of Canberra’s serene suburbs, Tranquil Haven B&B offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Accommodation: Choose from beautifully appointed rooms with contemporary decor and private ensuite bathrooms.

Amenities: Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, a garden terrace, and a sumptuous homemade breakfast.

Dining Experience: Savor gourmet breakfasts prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Guest Reviews: Guests rave about the warm hospitality and tranquil setting, making this B&B a top choice.

Urban Elegance Retreat

Location: Situated in Canberra’s vibrant urban center, Urban Elegance Retreat provides easy access to cultural attractions.

Accommodation: Elegant suites with modern furnishings and breathtaking city views await you here.

Amenities: Spa services, a rooftop terrace, and complimentary bike rentals enhance your stay.

Dining Experience: Sip on wine from the region and enjoy gourmet breakfasts in style.

Guest Reviews: Visitors applaud the sophistication and convenience offered by this retreat.

Garden Oasis Inn

Location: Tucked away in a lush garden setting, Garden Oasis Inn immerses you in nature.

Accommodation: Cozy rooms with garden views create a peaceful and picturesque stay.

Amenities: Relax by the outdoor pool, explore the gardens, and delight in a delicious breakfast.

Dining Experience: Freshly baked pastries and local produce make breakfast a treat for the senses.

Guest Reviews: Guests praise the serene environment and the inn’s connection to nature.

Heritage Hideaway

Location: Located in a heritage-listed building, Heritage Hideaway is a step back in time.

Accommodation: Individually decorated rooms with antique furnishings evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Amenities: Enjoy the library, courtyard, and a hearty breakfast to start your day.

Dining Experience: Step into a bygone era with a traditional breakfast served with a smile.

Guest Reviews: Visitors commend the historical ambiance and friendly hosts.

Riverside Serenity Lodge

Location: Overlooking the tranquil Molonglo River, Riverside Serenity Lodge is a haven for nature lovers.

Accommodation: Spacious suites with river views offer a peaceful retreat.

Amenities: Kayak rentals, riverfront seating, and a scrumptious breakfast await you.

Dining Experience: Savor your morning meal while listening to the soothing sounds of the river.

Guest Reviews: Guests appreciate the serene riverside location and outdoor activities.


Canberra’s boutique bed and breakfasts offer a unique and personalized way to experience the city’s beauty and culture. Whether you prefer the tranquility of the suburbs, the vibrancy of the urban center, or the charm of a garden setting, these handpicked B&Bs cater to every taste. With their distinctive accommodations, delightful amenities, and warm hospitality, these hidden gems promise an unforgettable stay in Australia’s capital city.


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